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Single Origin

100% Western Australian and skilfully harvested by artisan beekeepers in pristine Marri forests, our honey is rare and fully traceable.


Disease-free bees feed on a single variety of native tree blossom to produce this sought-after limited edition honey.

World-leading health benefits

High in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties with low GI and a world-class Total Activity (TA) verified to independent global standards.

Exceptional taste

A creamy honey with delicate amber hue and aromatic sweetness.



Introducing our first vintage. This quintessential monofloral honey is skilfully harvested in the pristine Marri forests of remote South Western Australia.

Summer blossoms attract bees with rich nectar and pollen, producing a creamy honey rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and low GI properties with a delicate amber hue and aromatic sweetness. Honey’s best-kept secret, connoisseurs are discovering the exceptional taste and health benefits of single origin WA Red Gum.

Look out for more Harvest Road Single Origin Western Australian honey coming soon.

Available in:
500g Jar
500g Squeeze Pack